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The Eureka County Star
Shipping & Returns

Shipping Policy

When possible, we include shipping charges in the prices of our products. We use the post office, USPS, for our newspapers, books and other products. In saying that we all know that shipping is an ever-changing proposition. We look for the best deal for and shipping expenses because we too live in the world that deals with the high costs of shipping. Thank you for all of the purchases you make in our store. 

Return & Exchange Policy

Oh my we discussed this policy for some time. In the end we have to say that withing writing world it would be hard to return a newspaper! We have to also decided we cannot take returns on our books. If it arrives in a torn and tattered shape of course return it and we will replace it. But with books we hope that after you read them you will love them so much, you'll want to read and re-read them. Maybe even buy extras for friends and family. (Hey, we are always trying to sell more books!)

If you buy other than books and need to return something, contact us so we can handle your request on a first-hand basis.

Thank you for your purchases and understanding. We appreciate your business. 

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