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Frequently asked


  • How can I place a classified ad in The Eureka County Star?
    It's as easy as calling Trina at 775-778-5829 or email her at and your add will grace our pages and be out to our readers in the next issue. Every issue comes out on Fridays. Oh and the deadline for ads is also Friday. Ads placed by Friday come out the following Friday. We are happy to tell our readers what you have to sell, or rent, or a job offering. Thanks for your support of our paper, we will support you too. 🙃
  • What happened to the old newspaper, The Eureka Sentinel?
    There have been several newspapers in Eureka with nine different names over the years from 1864 up to today. The most recent, The Eureka Sentinel is owned by Battle Born Media and they have decided to put it up for sale. Over some negotiations it was decided that a new name and a new paper with the same hometown feel would be the best way for us go. The Sentinel has been rolled into a neighboring paper, The Ely Times due to budget cuts and other factors. So here we come as the new, exciting, community minded new kid on the block. A new name, number 10 if you are counting, to add to the years of newspapers in Eureka. We are: The Eureka County Star! Shing a light on all of Eureka County. Thanks for asking. 🌟
  • How do I get a subscription?
    Just click the Eureka County Star logo, add to your cart in the Star Store and it will take you to where you want to go. Thanks for being interested in our newspaper! T
  • Can I order your books and have them signed by the author?
    Well of course I can do that for you! Thanks for asking. Every book sent out from here is signed with a note from me :O} I appreciate your interest and hope you enjoy the read. Trina 😍
  • Just where is Eureka County, Nevada?
    Nevada has 17 counties. Eureka County is in the north central part of the state. We have no incorporated towns within our boundaries. But! We have 5 wonderful communities. Eureka, Diamond Valley, Pine Valley, Beowawe and Crescent Valley. To the north our boarder is along Interstate 80 and to the south our boundary is near the wonderful Loneliest Road in America, US Highway 50. It's truly in the heart of Nevada and has the best of what Nevada has to offer. Come see us sometime! :O}
  • What is your readership. How many people will see my ads?
    Okay! As our paper gets going in June/July 2023, we are sending it out to every post office box and rural route box in Eureka County for a limited time. That's 1000 boxes. We hope to do that for as long as we can because that puts our advertisers' ads in 1000 homes every week. I like to add that if there are an average of 3 people in every home that a possible 3000 potential buyers are at the feet of an advertisers offering. With that and all the mail subscriptions and extra papers for sale in various stores in our communities that number rises. So, the readership? Well, you do the numbers. We offer the best rates to reach the most customers in all of the areas of Eureka County and beyond. It's a great deal! Call Trina 775-778-5829 or email her at and let's do business. Thanks for your interest. 😉
  • How can I advertise in The Eureka County Star?
    Oh we are waiting to help promote your business or event in the pages of our juicy newspaper. We have all sizes and price ranges to get your name in front of all of our readers. The best way to get going on your ad is to email Trina. You can reach her at or Dana Lee Fruend our advertising guru at Or please feel free to call Trina at 775-778-5829 or Dana at 775-230-2232. WOW thanks for your interest!😎
  • Can I buy a gift subscription?
    But of course you can. When you go the Star Store click on the logo for our paper, and when you check out there will be a place to add a mailing address. Just put the recipient's name and address there and we will take care of it for you. WOW what an amazing gift. Of course, we may be a titch in favor of anyone getting our words delivered to their homes and offices. Thanks for thinking of us as a gift for your loved one. :O}
  • When you stop putting out the free papers how will I know and what will I need to do to keep the Star coming to me?
    The plan is to offer a free paper for one or two months. Then, when we get our feet under us and decide to make the move from free to subscriptions there will be notices in our papers with a form to fill out and send in with payment or instructions to come to this web site and sign up for a mail subscription. Promise it will be easy peasy. Thanks for all the support. We appreciate you with every issue, every ad, every word we publish. 😉
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