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Speaking Engagements, Book Signings & Traveling with My Pink Slippers

Welcome to my world!
So glad you dropped by. After 43 years of wonderful marriage, in 2018 I found myself a new widow. I have never been one to sit so since then I have been busy writing and getting to know myself as a one instead of half of a twosome.
Writing my newspaper column "IS THIS YOU?" for over 10 years and g
etting a few books under my belt I found it was time to try something amazing. Our community was in need of a newspaper so here I am. The new chief cook, bottle washer and everything else of The Eureka County Star! I truly am enjoying the journey of my newfound life.
I live to be and
 share being Happy, Happy All The Time.
I'm glad you are here. Trina :O} 

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